Education, Employment and Training (EET) Service

Find out more about the Education, Employment and Training (EET) Service

The Education, Employment and Training (EET) Service provides statutory EET support for young people, access to information, activities and opportunities, promotes safer use of social media and provides delivery of Oxfordshire's National Citizen Service.

The EET Service has four key responsibilities:

  1. Tracking all young people from the age of 16 years old to September after their 18th birthday. EET service provides learning and employment opportunities to the OXME website; updating the range of positive activities young people aged 13+ can enjoy in their leisure time and promoting them via Activities Oxfordshire; and operating the WebChat service accessed through OXME, giving an opportunity for a young person or parent to seek information through the internet.
  2. Casework for young people who are Not in Education, Employment nor Training (NEET) to support them into jobs, further education, apprenticeships or other training. Referrals for casework can come from tracking, other internal services, external services and organisations. Young people and their parents/carers may also self-refer directly on the website
    EET also delivers ‘Choices’ sessions for young people at the Children and Family Centres. These sessions give them an opportunity to search for employment and/or learning options, compile CVs and access casework where there is a need. This is provided through a team of EET Case Workers located within the Children and Family Centres.
    This part of the service also provides support to schools and colleges to help identify those most at risk of becoming NEET and supports schools and colleges wider Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) responsibilities.
  3. Digital Safeguarding provides the OXME website with content appropriate for young people. Supporting colleagues in their work related use of social media, delivering e-safety information, training and advice. Also provides links to the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board and the Practitioners Toolkit to support all those working with families to access appropriate materials and resources.
  4. National Citizen Service (NCS) runs the national National Citizen Service (NCS) programme for Oxfordshire young people (15 - 17 years). The programme provides social development, skills acquisition and social action for young people in the Summer and Autumn