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Assessed and Supported Year (ASYE)

ASYE for Newly Qualified Social Workers

We offer newly qualified social workers a high quality induction and probation programme that provides plenty of opportunity to build on the learning acquired whilst studying for their degree in social work. Our programme has been nationally recognised by Skills for Care.

Social workers joining us for their ASYE get the chance to develop their skills, knowledge and capability and to strengthen their professional confidence in order to best serve the children, young people and vulnerable adults in Oxfordshire. They will receive good supervision and support from more experienced members of staff and will be provided with guidance to help them follow the requirements of the programme.

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View from one of our social workers

“I felt that the council valued us by investing in this programme, designed just for us, where we could safely practise what I had learned at university and during our days in the Academy and teams, and talk honestly about issues that came up.

It was very helpful to have a group of people all start together and that really eased my start into the teams. We got to know each other well in those first weeks and we still rely on each other.”

Alastair Kinnaird, Social Worker, Family Support Team