About our apprenticeships

Support, development, training and fair pay for Oxfordshire County Council apprentices.

Apprenticeships provide an opportunity for us to develop our workforce and provide employment and training opportunities for individuals in the wider community.

Since 2006, we have steadily built up the number of apprentices we employ and the range of schemes we offer. In 2018 we recruited our 370th apprentice.

How to register your interest

All our apprenticeship jobs are advertised through our online jobs section.

Register your email address and we’ll contact with you when an opportunity becomes available.

How it works

All our apprentices are employed by the council, though some apprentices are based with our partner organisations for their work placement. Our apprentices are mostly in full time positions. They are all paid a salary and given the opportunity to complete nationally recognised qualifications, which are delivered by local training providers. Our apprenticeships last between 1-2 years.

All our apprentices receive a high level of support from their managers and training providers and we provide opportunities for apprentices to also access mentoring support. We also arrange for additional training and activities where appropriate.

Why are apprenticeships so important?

Apprenticeships are:

  • an important opportunity to gain experience and on-the-job training
  • a valuable opportunity for young people, in particular, to engage with the world of work and training, improving their long-term career prospects.

Government funding is available for employers to pay for apprenticeship training costs.

Council managers report significant business benefits from involving apprenticeships in our workforce. For example, our 'own grown' employees show impressive dedication and commitment to the organisation's objectives.

The council encourages other employers of all sizes, from all sectors, to investigate whether apprenticeships could add value in their organisations.

Celebrating our apprentices

The council and our apprentices have won a number of awards and accolades, including Apprentice of the Year.

We hold an annual Apprenticeship Awards ceremony to celebrate the success of our apprentices, their managers and their mentors.

Apprenticeships performance