Equality and cohesion

Promote equality, celebrate diversity, improve social inclusion and ensure fairness for everyone.

Oxfordshire contains a diverse and varied population. This page describes how we are meeting our statutory duties to promote equality and ensure fairness for everyone in the county.

Facts, figures, and information about Oxfordshire's residents can be found on Oxfordshire Insight and in our briefing paper.

Alternative formats of these documents can be made available on request such as other languages, and email.

Equality Policy 2018-2022

The Equality Policy 2018-2022 sets out how the council is approaching its responsibilities for ensuring that all residents in Oxfordshire have fair access to services and equal life chances.

It also ensures we are compliant with legislation by setting our equality objectives for four years, and includes specific actions we will take to build on current achievements and address areas where improvements are needed in our performance.

The action plan (pdf format, 256Kb) supporting the policy is monitored quarterly and refreshed annually if required to reflect the latest work of all service areas and current council priorities.

The Public Sector Equality Duty requires public bodies to consider how the decisions that they make and the services they deliver affect people and publish information to demonstrate that they have done this. The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) contains detailed information about our communities including those with protected characteristics and it is updated annually: Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Service and Community Impact Assessments (SCIAs)

SCIAs, formally known as Equality Impact Assessments, enable us to review the potential equality impact of new and updated policies and service delivery decisions. A SCIA is intended to ensure policies meet the diverse needs of individuals and communities in Oxfordshire. New policies will have a SCIA completed to ensure that Councillors can understand the impact that new policies will have on people with protected characteristics. We also publish SCIAs ever year as part of the budget setting process.

Employment specific duties

As part of our race, disability and gender equality schemes, we publish information on our performance as an employer each year. Visit the fairness and equality at work page for more information.