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Executive salaries and expenses

Information about the salaries and expenses of executive officers including the Pay Policy Statement

Oxfordshire County Council considers it important to be open and transparent about what we pay our senior officers.

The Pay Policy Statement  sets out the methods by which salaries of all roles are determined and the methods by which employees can progress their individual pay.

Payment of expenses

It is sometimes necessary for employees of Oxfordshire County Council to travel for business purposes or to incur expenses directly related to their duties. They can claim for these expenses by following properly controlled procedures. On some occasions it will be appropriate for chief officers to provide hospitality to guests away from normal council facilities and this expense may also be reimbursed where appropriate.

Oxfordshire County Council employees are able to reclaim a restricted range of legitimate business expenses, including business travel. None of this reimbursement is for profit and evidence of the expense and why it was necessary must be provided before any payment is made.

Business expenses claimed by the directors are shown via the links below. These include a mileage rate of 45p per mile for officers using their own vehicle (this reduces to 25p per mile for anyone travelling more than 10,000 miles a year). Subsistence is payable in certain circumstances where officers are required to take meals away from their normal place of work.