Healthwatch Oxfordshire

Listening to people's experiences of health and care services

Healthwatch Oxfordshire is the county’s independent health and social care watchdog. Our purpose is to help make health and care services throughout Oxfordshire better and more responsive.

What Healthwatch Oxfordshire does

  • Gathers information about people’s experiences of using health and social care services in Oxfordshire
  • Uses this information to make recommendations to providers and commissioners about how services, policies and strategies need to change and improve
  • Holds those in charge of local health and social care services to account for improving services – and does this in a way that is visible to the public
  • Provides advice and information to help individuals to access health and social care services in Oxfordshire

Tell us your experience of health and care services

In order to ensure that we have the best possible evidence and the widest possible views to influence the delivery and design of health and social care services, we need as many people as possible to speak out about their experiences, so that we can speak up on their behalf.

How to get in touch

Find out more about the work of Healthwatch Oxfordshire

People can also leave reviews of hospitals, pharmacies, GPs, and care homes in the county via the site’s Feedback Centre.

You can get in touch with Healthwatch Oxfordshire by calling 01865 520520 or emailing