Council Constitution

The Constitution sets out the rules and procedures under which the council operates.

The Constitution has the important purpose of providing a guide for local people, businesses and other organisations to understand how the council's decision making works. It is also a handbook for the councillors and staff who are directly involved in the business of the council. The Constitution has been formally approved by the council and will be kept under review and updated from time to time.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, the council is currently holding its formal democratic decision-making meetings online. A set of Virtual Meeting Procedure Rules has been adopted and can be found in Section 3.1A below. These explain how the virtual meetings will take place and how members of the public can engage with them.

Constitution contents

Download the whole Constitution (pdf format, 2.3Mb).

It is divided up into parts below.

Part 1 Summary and Explanation

Part 2 Articles of the Constitution

Part 3 Council

Part 4 Cabinet

Part 5 Committees and Sub-Committees

Part 6 Overview and Scrutiny Committees

Part 7 Scheme of Delegation to Officers

Part 8 Other Procedure Rules

Part 9 Codes and Protocols

Part 10 Members' Allowances Scheme