Oxfordshire's Lord-Lieutenant is Tim Stevenson OBE.

The Lord-Lieutenant is an important non-political representative of the county, helping to encourage and promote the good of the community through the voluntary and civic life of the county. It is an honorary appointment.

Lord-Lieutenants and their Deputy Lieutenants are among the oldest public offices in England. Their duties include:

  • formally receiving The Queen, members of the Royal Family or heads of state when they visit Oxfordshire.
  • acting on behalf of The Queen in presenting awards and honours
  • maintaining links with the armed forces and emergency services
  • supporting the civic life of the county, working with local councils and agencies, the emergency services, schools, charities and the voluntary sector.

Present Lord-Lieutenant

Oxfordshire's Lord-Lieutenant is Tim Stevenson OBE. He is supported by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant Brian Buchan and Deputy Lieutenants. Collectively, they are known as the Oxfordshire Lieutenancy.

The Lieutenancy works closely with Oxfordshire's High Sheriff.

Tim is a lawyer and businessman; he has lived in the county for nearly 30 years and has done work for both the government and for a variety of local organisations. He became Lord-Lieutenant of Oxfordshire on 1 September 2008.

For more information, please visit https://www.oxfordshire-lieutenancy.org/.