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Admissions to infant and primary schools

Details of applying to start infant and primary school for the first time.

Offer of a school place

Applicants who applied online for a school place were sent an email confirming the outcome of their application. If you cannot access your email, please wait for your letter.

All applicants who applied by the deadline were sent a letter with all relevant forms and information by 2nd class post on 18 April.

The result of applications will not be discussed over the phone. Please do not call the Admissions Team to discuss your application as all information and forms will come in the post with your letter.


The deadline for receipt of response forms, continued interest list forms and transport forms was 5 May 2017.

If you missed this deadline, please return your forms to the Admissions Team as soon as possible, and no later than 30 June 2017.

Information about the Continued Interest List will not be available until 12 June.

Everyone needs to apply

If your child attends nursery classes within a primary school, you must still apply for a place in the main school

General information

Children born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013 will be starting reception from September 2017.

Children attending an infant school and born between 1 September 2009 to 31 August 2010 will be transferring to junior school in September 2017.

How to apply

The deadline for infant and primary applications was 15 January 2017, and 5 May 2017 for the second allocation round.

If you missed this deadline complete a paper application form (pdf format, 98Kb) and ensure it reaches the Admissions Team no later than 30 June.

Make sure you understand the admissions process before applying by reading our Starting school booklet (pdf format, 488Kb).

Key dates

  • 12 June 2017 - Second allocation round
  • 30 June 2017 - Deadline for accepting or declining school places, and deadline for receipt of late application forms, continued interest list forms and changes of preference (for the second allocation round)
  • September 2017 - start of the school year

Important things to remember when applying

  • It is the responsibility of parents/carers to apply for a school place by the deadline of 15 January 2017
  • If your child is attending nursery classes within a primary school, you must still apply for a place in the main school
  • You can list three different schools in order of preference. We strongly advise you to use all three preferences
  • We advise you to enter your catchment (or designated) school as one of your preferences
  • Attending your catchment school does not entitle you to free home to school transport if it is not your closest school and / or under two miles away
  • If your application is late, you are far less likely to get a place at one of your preferred schools.

New primary schools for September 2017


Longford Park Primary School

  • A new primary school opening in September 2017
  • Admission number: 45
  • Location: The site is located to the south-east of Banbury on the Oxford Road (A4260), with the Oxford Canal running along part of the site’s eastern boundary.
  • Applications can now be submitted for this school
  • For further information please visit the school’s website.
  • Any updates will also be posted on this website.

Junior school applications

Junior schools are those that take children aged 7-11.

Information for parents

Our Starting School document (pdf format, 488Kb) includes information for parents and carers of children due to start primary school or Year 3 at junior school in September 2017.

Deferring an application

Parents of children born between 1 April 2013 and 31 August 2013 may request that their application be deferred for entry to reception in September 2018.

If this request is agreed to, it does not guarantee a place for your child at your preferred school and adds no weight to the application. The application will be considered alongside all others and any available places will be allocated in accordance with the school’s published admissions rules.

Full information on application deferrals can be found on pages 9 to 12 of the Starting School document (pdf format, 488Kb).

To request a deferred application complete a deferral request form. You should submit the request before 15 January 2017.

Catchment areas and nearest school

Many, but not all, schools have a catchment (or designated) area. To find out if a school has a catchment area, you should read about a school's admission rules in Starting school document (pdf format, 488Kb).

If there are more applications than places, priority is given to children in accordance with the school's published admission rules. 

We advise you to list your catchment school, if there is one for your address, as one of your preferences.

Find out what your catchment school is, or use the box below.

Alternatively contact and address details can be found using the Oxfordshire schools search.

Will my child get a place?

Catchment area is one of the ways that places at schools are decided. There are other factors, such as whether a child has a brother or sister at the school or whether they have special educational needs. Religious or faith schools could use the religion of your child or family as a deciding factor. The admission rules shown give more detail about how places are decided. Voluntary aided and foundation schools have their own admission rules, which are published online.

Will I get help with transport to school?

Read our school travel page to find out whether your child is eligible for free or concessionary transport.

What if I don’t get the place I want?

You can do one or more of the following:


You have the right to appeal for a place at any school where a place could not be offered. The information sent out to you in the post will explain more about who is responsible for organising your appeal.

How places were allocated

Moving/transferring schools

Visit the apply to transfer schools page if you are moving to Oxfordshire with a primary age child or are considering transferring your child to another primary school in Oxfordshire. Contact the Admissions Team for further advice.

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08 May 2017
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