Farming and animal health

We enforce the law on welfare, disease prevention, traceability, and animal feed stuffs.

What we do

Trading Standards enforces legislation governing the health, welfare, disease prevention and traceability of farm animals.

We also enforce law relating to the safety, labelling and composition of animal feeding stuffs including the approval of feeding stuffs premises.

How to report abuse or other animal welfare problems

If you suspect a problem related to farm animals or process report it to the Citizens Advice consumer service. Your call will be treated in confidence.

If you suspect that any other animal is being subjected to any form of cruelty then you should contact the RSPCA

How to dispose of an animal carcass

Disposal, collection and transportation

Animal by-products must be collected, identified and disposed of without undue delay, in order to prevent risks arising to public and animal health. Animal by-products must be identified in accordance with the The Animal By-Products (Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2013

  • Animal by-products must be transported in sealed new packaging, or covered leak-proof containers or vehicles.
  • Category 2 material must be labelled 'not for animal consumption' (with limited exceptions).

Documents you need

Anyone consigning an animal by-product must keep a record of each consignment and must ensure a commercial documentation accompanies it during its transport. These records/documents must both contain the:

  • name and address of origin
  • name and address of transporter
  • name and address of destination
  • quantity and description
  • date of transport
  • signature of person responsible and name printed.

A commercial document should be produced in triplicate, so the consigner, transported and destination premises all have a copy. It should be signed by the person responsible for producing it (usually either the consignor or transporter). 

Commercial documents and all records relating to animal by-products must be retained for at least two years and produced on demand to an inspector.

You must ensure all by-products are covered/contained whilst awaiting collection/disposal to prevent animals/birds gaining access.

Disposal of former foodstuffs, animal by-products and approved premises for disposal

Reporting and recording cattle deaths

Other services

Who to contact to register a farm animal movement

Other agencies

Suspect an outbreak of avian flu or need advice?

Guidance on avian flu link from

Need to register as a feeding stuffs business?

Feed business establishments (premises) that manufacture, market, distribute or use animal feeds, including feed additives must be either registered or approved with the local authority (Trading Standards Service)