Administration and performance

The fund and scheme employers’ shared strategy and how to comment and complain.

Administration strategy for Pension Services

If you have questions about the administration or wish to raise concerns, make a suggestion, complaint or compliment please contact the Pension Services manager.

How to report breaches of the law to the Pensions Regulator

Who should report material breaches of the law and how?  See guidance and examples (pdf format, 144Kb).     

Your comments should be sent direct to the Pension Services Manager

Security of information 

Fund Employers

Transfer of information between employers and the fund mostly involves personal and or financial details and the exchange must be carried out by secure processes.  Password protected content, with the password being sent separately; or using the Egress Switch encryption service.

We are adopting the monthly secure online transfer of data from employers using i-Connect . Read an introduction to this system.

Scheme members

Pension Services will use the Egress Switch encryption service when using email to send personal and financial details to you. You can also use this service at no additional cost when you reply to Pension Services.       

For members logging onto the online My Oxfordshire Pension will offer secure access to scheme information and increasingly the way Pension Services will correspond with individuals.   

How do I use the Egress Switch?  

When you receive an email from us alerting you to the Egress Switch system, it will point you to a website, where you set up your account, to receive the secure message. The link will take you to the instructions, but contact Pension Services if you are concerned.

What do I do if the information you hold is incorrect? 

It is important we hold the correct information to assess your benefits and to tell you about them. Get in touch with your employer to query details about pay and contribution rates: you can change your address details by logging into My Oxfordshire Pension   ( link to the landing page     ) or contact Pension Services if a calculation is wrong, the details on your pension record are incorrect or we are holding incorrect personal details.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)