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News and information for fund employers and all scheme members

Coronavirus and your pension

Please be reassured that during these uncertain times, our priority remains the payment of pensions to all our pensioners. If you have any questions about how coronavirus will affect your pension, please look at the FAQs for LGPS members.

More than 200 employers and their staff contribute to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) in Oxfordshire.

The Oxfordshire Pension Fund is responsible for maintaining, administering and paying the benefits from the pension fund.

Notices for your attention

Pension scheme members without a valid address

We are working with Target who are helping us to trace pension scheme members without a valid address.

If you receive a letter from Target, please follow the instructions so we can update your record. Please call us on 03300 241 359 if you have any questions.

For fund employers

NEWS – The Local Pension Board has returned to full strength   the vacancy filled by a representative from one of the fund’s Admitted Body employers.. 

Employer role in protecting your members’ pensions

This is essential reading when considering outsourcing or alternative methods of service delivery.  Add this to your check list early in your procurement process.    


Transititon is continuing, book into an introduction, arrange your next step or settle uncertainties about ‘final pay’.  We have workshops and meetings in the calendar to support you in the move to the i-Connect way of data transfer for pensions administration

Contact pension.employers@oxfordshire.gov.uk 

Consultation on the McCloud age discrimination case

On 16 July 2020, the government published its consultation document on changes to the LGPS Regulations in response to the McCloud case. The courts had ruled that the arrangements put in place when moving to the new LGPS CARE scheme from 1 April 2014 do not meet age discrimination requirements. 

The changes proposed now mean the pension calculated for the period 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2022 for all scheme members in the scheme as at 31 March 2012 will be the higher of that calculated under both the old and new regulations.

The consultation is aimed at LGPS administering authorities, scheme members, scheme employers and their representatives so please take the time to read the documents and respond. 

The consultation ends on 8 October 2020.  You can respond by email or in writing to:


Local Government Finance Stewardship
Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government
2nd floor Fry Building
2 Marsham Street

Please note all affected members will be contacted by the Pensions team – there is not need to submit a claim.

Especially for members 

Member newsletter – Reporting Pensions

The latest member’s newsletter is uploaded to scheme documents My Oxfordshire Pension –   register now at https://oxfordshire.pensiondetails.co.uk   

Be alert - don’t fall victim to scammers

Knowing how they work is the first act of self- protection - more information

Be ‘scamsmart’

Your rights to keeping LGPS membership

If your job has not changed but you are working for a different employer have you been getting the right information about your pension? If you are uncertain always check with Pension Services.

If an employer asks you to opt out of the scheme get in touch with Pension Services  - Your pension is your income for later life - make sure your decisions are yours and you have had correct information. 

Whether you are an employer, a current scheme member, someone whose pension is not yet due to be paid (a deferred pensioner) or someone receiving a pension, these pages are your starting point for more information.