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Firefighters' pensions

Information for active, deferred and retired firefighters.

Active firefighters

Annual benefit statements  

These statements show the value of your pension. Here are the supporting notes for scheme members (pdf format, 387Kb).to accompany your most recent statement

Where to find more details

The scheme guide shows the formal basis for the scheme.

Contact Pensions Services for firefighters if you:

  • have further questions or
  • need additional information, or
  • require forms relating to any of the options, or  
  • would like a statement of retirement benefits or transfer value, or 
  • wish to see the Statutory Instruments with the scheme rules.

Retired firefighters 

Pension Services, Oxfordshire Pension Fund calculate and pay your pension payments.

Please find the most recent newsletters for retired scheme members:

We have compiled some of the more frequent pension questions and answers, if you have a query try here first:

We also post the newsletter to the home address of all current pensioners and the newsletters will shortly be available on My Oxfordshire Pension.

The Oxfordshire Firefighter Pension Board

As a result of the changes to the public service pension act 2013 Oxfordshire County Council was required to set up a Firefighter Pension Scheme board to provide advice and support to the scheme administrator (Oxfordshire Pension Fund Committee).

The board is constituted of a minimum of four members and plan to meet four times a year to look at how the pension scheme is being managed and to provide advice and support to the pension fund committee around areas of compliance and best practice.

Both employers and employees are represented on the board with equal numbers.