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Parking permits in Oxford City for care workers

Parking permits in Oxford City for care workers of providers contracted with OCC.

Parking permits are now able to be issued by Oxfordshire County Council to Care providers for use by care workers providing domiciliary care in Oxford City. 

Eligibility criteria 

  • To have a contract to provide domiciliary care with Oxfordshire County Council (OCC). 
  • To be a Live Well at Home framework provider (with any exceptions agreed by OCC Quality Improvement team). 
  • To provide packages of care to self-funding clients and those funded under a Direct Payment. 
  • Provide care to OCC service users in the postcode areas: OX1, OX2, OX3 and OX4 and for use in those areas.  


  • Care providers must record and keep a comprehensive record of the reference number on the permit they hold and the names of the carers they allocate the permits to. If the OCC parking team has a problem with a particular vehicle that is displaying a valid permit then they should be able to trace which member of staff is using it. 
  • Care providers are to provide details of parking permits and users immediately if requested by the OCC Parking Team or Quality Improvement Team. 
  • Care providers to take responsibility to ensure their care workers adhere to conditions of use on the application form. 
  • Permits are non-transferable between providers 
  • Permits to be awarded by OCC parking team. 
  • Parking permits can be withdrawn from the care provider if the conditions of the permit issue are misused.  


  • Eligible care providers apply in writing to request a form to qualityimprovementteam@oxfordshire.gov.uk. (subject of the email PARKING PERMITS) 
  • Completed form to be returned as instructed on the form/email response 
  • This form asks how many permits you require bearing in mind there are currently limited numbers of permits available (proportionate depending on the number of OCC service users and number of staff). 
  • Approval will be through Quality Improvement Team whose decision is final. 

Terms and conditions of use of OCC parking permits 

Carers Parking Permit 

  • This permit must only be used when visiting service users receiving care commissioned by OCC
  • Parking is permitted up to 3 hours (no return within 3 hours) in a: 
    • Resident Permit Holder Bay 
    • Permit Holder Bay 
    • *On-Street Pay & Display bays (Free of charge) 

*in postcodes RG9 & OX14 only 

Parking is not permitted in a: 

  • Loading Bay 
  • Disabled Bay 
  • Bus Stop/Lane 
  • Doctors/Police/Car Club Bay 
  • Pay & Display bays (fee required) 
  • Cycles/Motorcycle bays 

Users must NOT cause an obstruction