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Oxfordshire BIPC database bank​

Through BIPC you can access databases with valuable information to help your business​.


Grantfinder is Europe's leading grants and policy database.

Search for available funding opportunities for your business or social enterprise to prosper and grow.

What you'll find with GrantFinder

GrantFinder includes information about awards, loans and grants from local, regional and national sources, including:​

  • European funding​
  • UK government​
  • corporate sponsors​
  • charitable trusts​.

Other assistance includes:

  • loans
  • venture capital
  • rate relief
  • tax relief
  • export insurance
  • awards
  • advisory services
  • information services.​

Where you can access GrantFinder

Available in Oxfordshire County Library, Blackbird Leys, and Bicester libraries. Ask a member of staff to log you in.

Alternative resources


The COBRA database contains more than 4,000 factsheets, market reports, contacts and sources of funding and support.

In addition, hundreds of practical guides will help you turn your idea into a business.

What you'll find with COBRA

Sector-specific small business and UK industry factsheets

  • Sector overview and trading issues​
  • Industry snapshots – what’s happening in your business sector​
  • Legal issues and potential pitfalls​
  • Advice on qualifications and training courses​
  • Best practice and skills advice​
  • Overview of trading, commercial and legal issues​
  • Guides on copyright and data protection​
  • Advice on engaging freelancers​
  • Common tax and VAT issues​
  • Terms of engagement and contracts​
  • Project management software​
  • Pitching for business guidance​
  • Insurance factsheets​
  • Where to look for extra information​

General small business factsheets

  • First-time employers​
  • Hiring Staff ​
  • National minimum wage​
  • Guide to the equality act​

Where you can access COBRA

You can log into COBRA on the public computers in Oxfordshire County Library or from home with a library card. You'll need your library card number (library ticket number).

British Standards Online (BSOL​)

How you can ensure your products and services meet the required standards.

British Standards

A standard is an agreed way of doing something. Industry experts in their subjects create them to enhance innovation, productivity, sustainability and safety. ​

Products and services certified means that they meet the requirements of specific standards within a designated area. Therefore, it is essential to familiarise yourself with them to improve efficiency and productivity.​

What you'll find with BSOL

British Standards Online (BSOL) gives you full-text viewing and access to British Standards that are:

  • current
  • draft
  • withdrawn.

Plus, the international standards that the British Standards Institute has adopted.​

Where you can access BSOL

Available on the public computers in Oxfordshire County Library.


Newsbank features reliable, credible information from myriad international, national and local sources.

Regardless of your business's size or the segment you are targeting, NewsBank is an excellent source of current and past information. 

What you'll find with NewsBank

A comprehensive news collection, featuring south west regional titles and UK business titles, alongside local, regional, national and international sources. Search the text of print and online-only newspapers, blogs, newswires, journals, broadcast transcripts and videos.​

Where you can access NewsBank

You can log into NewsBank on the public computers in Oxfordshire County Library or from home with a library card. You'll need your library card number.


Fame contains information on 3.8 million companies, 2.8 million of which is in detailed format.

Fame is a key platform when you are ready to start selling your products or services.

What you'll find with Fame

You will find the names of directors and other key contacts and addresses and phone numbers for each business.

For the top 1.5 million companies, the reports typically include:​

  • contact information  ​
  • activity details  ​
  • profit and loss account and balance sheet items  ​
  • cash flow and ratios  ​
  • credit score and rating  ​
  • security and price information (listed companies only)  ​
  • names of bankers  ​
  • auditors  ​
  • previous auditors and advisors  ​
  • details of holdings and subsidiaries (including foreign holdings and subsidiaries)  ​
  • names of current and previous directors with home addresses and shareholder indicator  ​
  • heads of department  ​
  • shareholders  ​
  • news ​
  • access to the scanned image of the latest annual returns and reports. ​

Where you can access Fame

Available on the public computers in Oxfordshire County Library.


Get your business ready for the next normal with the world's leading market intelligence agency—the smartest way to understand consumer markets.

What you'll find with Mintel

Mintel analysts know their marketing and are there to guide you through every twist and turn. Each report ensures to inform your business to the next level. They work with over 5000 businesses worldwide.​

Mintel has consumer market research reports on topics and sectors in the UK, including:

  • trends
  • statistics
  • information on brands
  • companies
  • demographic data. ​

Where you can access Mintel

Available on the public computers in Oxfordshire County Library. You cannot print or download from the Mintel database.


IBISWorld provides expert opinions in your industry across all the conditions and trends.

What you'll find with IBISWorld

IBISWorld provides quick access to data that you can trust across your industry or any other.​ The database includes:

  • Ibis world includes:​
  • industry research​
  • expert summaries​
  • API solutions​
  • risk ratings​
  • financial ratios​
  • industry wizard​
  • business environment profiles​
  • early warning systems.​

Where you can access IBISWorld

Available on the public computers in Oxfordshire County Library

Local Data Online (LDO)​

How to find reliable information about the high street market.

What you can do with LDO

You may want to discover the best area of Oxfordshire to open your business. Or you may need information about the high street market to run a successful marketing campaign. ​The LDO database can help you achieve these things and more.

With LDO, you can:​

  • analyse the health of the retail market​
  • identify growth opportunities
  • understand which retailers are expanding/shrinking their estates and how this could have a knock-on effect for your business's potential presence in that location
  • isolate a geographical region and drill down into the types of retailers most likely to be interested in hosting your business
  • track market developments and forecast future risks and opportunities.​
  • view data on the fast-changing retail landscape across the city​
  • access rich and accurate data on current and potential store locations​
  • map store territories.​

Where you can access LDO

Available on the public computers in Oxfordshire County Library. You cannot print or download from the LDO database.