Pre-application highways advice on major planning applications

Help reduce overall costs in work and time of planning applications

The benefits of the pre-application advice service

Oxfordshire County Council welcomes and encourages discussions before a developer submits a planning application. Past experience has shown the discussions result in an improved application that is more likely to be successfully approved. Developers have found the pre-application process can reduce overall costs by cutting down on further work and time at the application stage.

The service has the following benefits:

  • Potentially reducing the time and cost involved in working up proposals including that of your professional advisers
  • Reducing the subsequent cost of abortive applications
  • Information on what you need to provide with your application
  • Help speed up the decision making process once an application has been submitted
  • Chargeable Highways Pre-application Advice (pdf format, 122Kb)

Oxfordshire County Council operates a pre-application highway advice service for developers. Information below provides guidance on this service and the charging arrangements.

What advice can I expect?

The advice can include:

  • relevant policies and guidance
  • the relevant level of detail and supporting information necessary to provide a valid assessment of highways and transport issues
  • whether a contribution towards highways and/or transport improvements is likely to be required
  • where a Transport Statement / Assessment is required, the content, scope, preparation and presentation that is likely to satisfy our requirements
  • suitability of access arrangements (may require separate concept design check with associated fees).

How do I obtain pre-application advice?

Complete the form with as much detail regarding the proposals as possible


After your form is submitted, one of our TDC officers will be in touch to discuss your requirements in detail and make arrangements for scheduling the meetings or site visits as required.

The target for completing the pre-application advice response is 21 working days.