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Walls and fences

Who to contact if a wall or fence needs to be repaired.

Report a damaged highway-related wall or fence

You can report a damaged highway-related wall or fence, as well as other street problems, through our online reporting tool Fixmystreet.

Generally the walls and fences that surround property and fields are erected and maintained by the land owner. If a boundary wall is damaged to the extent that it becomes a dangerous structure, inform the Building Control Team of the local District Council.

We, as a local authority, will maintain and repair:

  • walls supporting the structure of the highway - these are called 'highway retaining walls'
  • walls retaining land that has been excavated  to form a cutting for the highway
  • walls that form a highway parapet (wall) on bridges
  • walls providing a safety barrier for example where there is a steep drop at the other side of the wall.