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Requesting street furniture

How to request street furniture on the public highway.

We will consider requests to install street furniture on the public highway (e.g bus shelters, post boxes, parish notice boards, litter bins and dog waste bins, bollards, flower tubs and other ornamental displays, telephone kiosks seats etc) provided the following conditions are met:


  • a town or parish council (or responsible public agency registered with the county council) must own the structure
  • details of design/construction and siting must be agreed by the Area Operations Team before any work begins on the highway
  • the design of the structure must not differ from the approved design without our written consent
  • you must contact the utility companies and pay for any alterations they require, or damage caused to services while the structure is put up
  • the structure must present no risk to the public and be kept in a good state of repair
  • the structure must be secure and reasonably resistant to vandalism
  • a declaration must be provided to show that the applicant accepts responsibility for the structure and its maintenance
  • the owner must remove the structure at any time, if we require it
  • a Public Liability Policy must be held by the owner indemnifying us (Oxfordshire County Council) for at least £10,000,000 for any incident or any one claim involving the item of street furniture.

Contact the Highways Team to discuss your request