Road mirrors

What to do if you want to put up a mirror on a road.

Road mirrors on or next to the public highway are not normally recommended as they can be:

  • misleading at night when reflecting headlights
  • damaged by vandals or by accident
  • affected by glare from sunlight
  • sometimes obscured by condensation and dirt
  • confusing for non-local motorists
  • difficult to site satisfactorily
  • misleading due to difficulties of judging speed and distance.


In exceptional circumstances,we may be prepared to make an application to the Department for Transport which may authorise the use of a road mirror at a site for a trial period of 12 months

Approval will not be given if we have to bear any of the costs.

Private entrances

  • Road mirrors at private entrances cannot be put up on the public highway.
  • Any mirrors put up without permission will be removed.
  • All such mirrors must be on private land with the approval of the landowner.
  • You may need to get planning permission from your local district council.


The Department for Transport will only authorise road mirrors at junctions or crossroads where both roads are public highways.

  • We will only support an application if we consider the mirror will contribute to road safety.
  • Authorisation is usually granted initially for a 12 month trial period.
  • Permanent authorisation will be based on evidence of how effective the mirror has been as a road safety measure.


To supply and install a mirror will cost between £500 - £1000.


  • We will not be responsible for any damage, repair or replacement of mirrors.
  • Public Liability Policy must be held by the owner indemnifying Oxfordshire County Council for at least £10,000,000 for any incident or any one claim involving the road mirror.


If you would like to discuss the possibility of installing a mirror, please contact the Highways Team on 0345 310 1111. If the application is approved we will seek authorisation from the Department for Transport.

If the scheme is authorised, the mirror can be ordered and put up.