Pavement hazards and defects

How to report a trip hazard and other defects on the pavement.

Trip hazards on pavements are a key concern at all times, whilst the problems of weeds, standing water and ice tend to be more seasonal.

How to report a problem

You can report a trip hazard or pavement defect, as well as other street problems, through our online reporting tool Fixmystreet.

Please note that if a pavement has been damaged by a vehicle, and we know the details of the vehicle, we can attempt to recover the full cost of the repairs from the registered owner.

How to report a private street that is unsafe

This is usually the responsibility of the owner, usually the person whose property fronts the road and who you should contact. If it is not obvious who the owner is The Land Registry or the district council's planning department may be able to help. There may be a charge for this service.

How to get a private street adopted

To get a street adopted it must be constructed to adoptable standards. The costs of constructing a street to adoptable standards must be met by the street owners/residents. We do not have a budget for this, so cannot be of any financial help.