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Animals on the highway

How to report fouling, dead or stray animals on the highway.

Animal fouling

Owners of animals are responsible for clearing up after them. Dog fouling is an offence and needs to be reported to the appropriate district council (details below).

Dead animals

If the dead animal is deemed to be causing an obstruction or safety related hazard - for example dead cattle - then we will need to attend the site and make the area safe by moving the hazard/obstruction onto the verge, until collection by the district council has been arranged. 

If the animal is not posing a hazard, the district council will need to clear it up. Please contact the relevant district council (details below).

Stray animals

Stray animals should be reported to Trading Standards on 01865 895999, option 3.

Who to contact

Alternatively you can use our online reporting form to report these problems to the relevant district council.