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Frilford and Marcham improvements

Work to address congestion issues at the A415/A338 junction at Frilford and the A415 through Marcham village.

Why we are investing here

Frilford and Marcham are located on the north-western fringe of the Science Vale. Significant growth in housing and employment is planned across this area over the next 15 years.

As a result of their key location on the road network, there are major traffic congestion problems during peak hours. These are set to worsen in the future with the traffic generated by further growth.

This scheme will provide the capacity needed to facilitate growth and improve journey times through Frilford as well as air quality around Marcham.

What you can expect

We are working to identify a solution that meets the following objectives:

  • Capacity – provide the capacity to facilitate growth in the area.
  • Accessibility – improve safety, connectivity and public transport access.
  • Sustainability – reduce carbon emissions and address the climate emergency.
  • Environment - address air quality issues and enhance the built and natural environment.

A long list of options was generated, and a shortlisting exercise was undertaken to narrow down the potential interventions. The remaining options will undergo testing via a new traffic microsimulation model by early 2023 to test a variety of scenarios for future traffic conditions.

Proposed solutions include, but are not limited to, the construction of bus lanes, replacing the staggered crossroads with a single junction, a mobility hub and a possible bypass of Marcham village.


The shortlisting and traffic modelling is set for completion by end of Spring 2023. Delivery timescales will depend on the preferred solution and whether planning permission and compulsory purchase orders are required. Funding availability will also impact delivery timescales.

Minimising the impact

As a solution is yet to be identified, the traffic management arrangements during construction are yet to be confirmed.  We will coordinate the work to minimise the impact on the network as far as possible. Further details of this will be available closer to construction.

How it is being funded

This scheme is being funded through Housing and Growth Deal funding as well as Section 106 contributions.

Next steps

As soon as the modelling is complete, we will hold a public consultation event to seek feedback and input on the proposals. Additional information will be provided closer to the time.

Contact us

If you would like to know more, you can contact us by email.