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Widening of the A4130

This 1.6km scheme proposes a dual carriageway east of Milton Interchange with segregated cycling and walking facilities linking into the future development at Valley Park and the proposed Didcot Science Bridge.

About the project

Dualling of the A4130 includes changes to the existing single carriageway, utilising the existing southern ditch which will create a central reservation and two additional lanes to the south. The existing single carriageway will form the eastbound carriageway towards Didcot and the newly constructed lanes will form the westbound carriageway towards Milton interchange.

The Backhill roundabout at the western end of the scheme will have controlled toucan crossings (enabling pedestrians and cyclists to cross) on both of the A4130 arms and parallel crossings (zebra crossings that legally allow cyclists to use) on the minor arms to the south. 

Two bus lay-bys will be provided either side of the carriageway at the new signalised junction to provide access to the proposed Valley Park development site.

A new northern roundabout is proposed approximately 390m west of the Sir Frank Williams Avenue junction. There will be two bus stops on the carriageway to the east of this roundabout. A signalised toucan crossing (allowing pedestrians and cyclists to cross) is proposed on the southern arm (Valley Park Link Road).

The link road continues south and joins the proposed Science Bridge roundabout. The eastern arm links to the Didcot Science Bridge scheme. The south-eastern arm links to the Valley Park development and includes a proposed parallel crossing. The roundabout and link road will be delivered by the Valley Park developer as part of the direct access proposals.


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Why we are investing here

The dual carriageway extension will ease congestion along the route for road users, including buses, while also aiding the operation of Milton Interchange. The existing walking and cycling facilities are narrow and close to the carriageway. The new scheme will provide segregated walking and cycling facilities separated from the carriageway with a buffer between motorised vehicles and non-motorised users. It also helps to connect with a future housing site called Valley Park.

Timetable of activity
Activity Target date
Planning application submitted 2021
Construction begins on site Spring/summer 2024