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New parking schemes

Information of new schemes being introduced in Oxfordshire

Woodstock on-street parking

A new approach to how parking is managed in Woodstock was approved by our cabinet member for Highways Management in May 2022. The changes that are effective from 1st June 2023, will see a number of changes including:

  • The issue of permits for residents and some businesses in the central area
  • Introduction of parking charges for parking in the centre of Woodstock
  • Provision of a limited number of permits for paying guests staying at local hotels in the area.

The parking controls for designated parking areas and bays will be in effect from 8am to 6pm (7 days a week).

Where to park

We are responsible for on-street parking restrictions and enforcement in Woodstock. Users are advised to check signs or pay and display terminals for information when you park.

Maps of parking controls and locations of parking meters 

One-hour free parking

From the 1 June 2023, you can park for free for up to one hour in a paid-for bays on a street in Woodstock. To take advantage of this offer, you will still be required to take a ticket from one of the machines and display this in a visible location within your vehicle.

Note that your one-hour free parking is only available on your first visit to any on-street paid-for parking bay per day. The one-hour free parking is not available in resident permit holder only bays/ areas unless stated on the signs.

Parking for longer than one hour

If you want to park for longer than one hour you just need to follow the instructions on one of the on-street parking machines and enter the total time you want to park for. Charges are set out below and users can stay for a maximum period of 4 hours.

Charging hours (Monday to Sunday 8am – 6pm) Parking period Parking Charge
8am – 6pm (max stay 4 hours, no return within 1 hour) 0 -1 hour Free (display ticket from machine)
8am – 6pm (max stay 4 hours, no return within 1 hour) 1 - 2 hours £1 (display ticket from machine)
8am – 6pm (max stay 4 hours, no return within 1 hour) 2 - 3 hours £2 (display ticket from machine)
8am – 6pm (max stay 4 hours, no return within 1 hour) 3 - 4 hours £5 (display ticket from machine)

Short stay parking – 30 minute bays

For shorter visits, users can park in 30-minute bays located outside the post office or co-op, without the need to display a parking ticket. Check signs for more information.

Display of parking permits

In some designated bays and permit areas, permits are issued by the council for users to park without time limits or a requirement to pay the on-street parking charges. Further information on who is eligible for permits and the application process to apply can be viewed on our parking pages

Blue Badge Holders

Blue badge holders may park without charge or time limit