Request a review of a disabled parking Blue Badge decision

If you have been refused a disabled parking Blue Badge you can request a review of this decision.

Use this form to tell us why we should review the Blue Badge decision.

This should include the following:

  • A statement that makes it clear you would like us to review your application  for example, “I wish you to review your decision not to issue me with a Blue Badge…”
  • An explanation of why you think the decision is incorrect, and why you feel your individual circumstances meet the guidelines. It may help you to refer to the eligibility criteria given in the application guidance notes or on our Blue Badge pages.
  • Any documents you believe are relevant to support your appeal, such as hospital letters from consultants or a detailed letter describing your medical condition, which you did not include with your original application and may support your review.

Failure to provide any further information to support your review will likely result in the original refusal outcome being unchanged.