Report Blue Badge misuse

If you suspect someone is abusing or misusing a disabled parking badge then let us know.

The purpose of the Blue Badge scheme is to help people with severe mobility problems, or those with less than 12 months to live, to park close to their destination.

A Blue Badge is given to a person, not a vehicle. This means the badge holder can use it whenever they travel as either a driver or a passenger – it doesn’t matter who owns the vehicle. Only the person that the badge has been issued to can use it.

Misuse of a badge is a serious offence and can result in prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.

Examples of misuse are:

  • using a badge when the badge holder is not travelling in the car
  • using a badge that belongs to a person that has died
  • using an out of date/expired badge.

What we will do if a badge is misused

We work closely with parking enforcement officers. If they or we discover that a blue badge is being misused we will work together to investigate this.

To be able to investigate please provide as much information as possible, particularly the serial number of the badge. You can submit this form anonymously.

Report misuse of a Blue Badge