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Lost or stolen Blue Badge

Request a replacement Blue Badge because it has been stolen or lost.

Lost badge

If your pass has been lost there is a £10 replacement fee. Please do not send payment until requested.

Stolen badge

If your badge has been stolen, you will need a crime reference number otherwise there is a £10 fee. You can report the theft by telephoning the non-emergency police number on 101. If possible, quote your badge serial number to obtain the crime reference number.

Report a lost or stolen Blue Badge

If your badge is faded or damaged

Please do not complete the application form. Badges issued after 1 January 2012 should not fade.

If you have a badge which has become damaged, please return the badge and a covering letter to the Blue Badge team at:

Blue Badge Administration
PO Box 873

We will contact you for payment if this is required. Badges must be returned to us for this to be processed.