Business parking permits

Apply for, renew, or replace a business parking permit.

Businesses that can apply for a parking permit

Businesses can purchase business parking permits within a controlled parking zone (CPZ) where the loss of a locally parked service vehicle is considered to cause hardship. They are available only in certain zones.

A permit will only be issued if there is an operational business need, not for commuting purposes. 


The permit can only be used:

  • with a vehicle required for daily operational use
  • during business opening hours from the business premises concerned.

The vehicle must be an essential and operational part of that business. Used only for: 

  • the carriage of goods 
  • the provision of a service.

The vehicle must be registered in the name of, or leased to, the business or a full-time employee. The council will require applicants to produce evidence to verify eligibility. 

How businesses can use permits

Business permits enable the holder to park their trade vehicle in ‘Permit Holder bays’ only within the CPZ of issue. Please note this does not include 'Resident' Permit Holder' bays

It is not possible to allocate specific bays to individual traders, and it cannot be guaranteed that a bay in a particular area will be available.

Vehicles that are eligible for permits

Permits are for use in the vehicles owned by or hired or leased to a business or registered to employees of the business and must be one of the types below.

  • A passenger vehicle adapted to carry no more than 12 passengers
  • A light goods vehicle
  • A dual-purpose vehicle

The vehicle must not exceed 2.25 tonnes (2250kg) or 2 metres in height, 5 metres in length and 2 metres in width.

How much they cost

Permits have varied costs by month;

  • 3 months - will increase to £50.50
  • 6 months - will increase to £95.00
  • 9 months - will increase to £145.00
  • 12 months - will increase to £190.00

There are no refunds, so please consider carefully the period for which the permit is required.

There is a £25 fee to make changes to a permit.

Adding multiple vehicles to a single permit

In a few zones, a permit can be used for more than one vehicle. For example, where more than one staff member will need to use a vehicle for qualifying reasons. These types of permits are known as 'transferable'.

In transferable zones, you can add additional vehicles to your permit when you apply.

For transferable permits, a register must be maintained showing:

  • time
  • date
  • name of user
  • registration of vehicle
  • purpose.

Business permit zone rules

Summertown (SM) Only

Businesses with fewer than 49 employees are eligible to apply for two permits; from 50 to 74 employees are eligible to apply for three permits; from 75 to 99 employees are eligible to apply for four permits; from 100 to 149 employees are eligible to apply for eight permits; from 150 to 199 employees are eligible to apply for 13 permits. For every additional 50 employees, a business will be eligible for a further five permits. These permits are transferable between approved vehicles.

Headington (HE) and North Oxford (NX) Zones

Businesses can apply for a maximum of two permits at any one time and these are transferable between approved vehicles.

Abingdon (AB) Banbury (BCW) Bicester (BC) Didcot (DT) Donnington (DN) Upper Wolvercote (WU) Woodstock (WS) Headington West (HA and HB), Jericho (JE), Norham Manor (NM) and Walton Manor (WM) Zones

Businesses with off-street parking or garage facilities are eligible for no permits unless such facilities can only hold one vehicle and the business requires more than one vehicle to be used in connection with its essential operation; in this case, only one permit will be issued. If a business does not have any off-street parking or garage facilities, a maximum of two permits can be applied for. These permits are not transferable.

Central (Area C Only)

Businesses can apply for a maximum of one permit at any one time, subject to there being no off-street parking or garage facilities available to that business. This permit is not transferable.

Divinity Road (DV), East Oxford (EO), Girdlestone Road (GR), Headington North (HN), Headington Quarry (HQ), The Lakes (LK), Magdalen Road North (MN), Marston South (MS), North Summertown (NS), Northway (NW), South Oxford (SO) and West Oxford (WO) Zones.

Businesses can apply for a maximum of one permit at any one time unless it can be shown to the council that it is essential for the businesses operation to have two permits. These permits are transferable with the exception of EO, DV, MN and SO where the permits are vehicle specific.

Apply for a new business parking permit

Documents you need to provide

You must upload several documents in support of your application. Use a scanner or take a photo with a smartphone.

The address given on the application form must be your place of trading. You must provide a letter from your place of business on headed notepaper that:

  • shows the permit trading address
  • explains the operational reason for requiring this permit
  • the business operational hours.

Businesses must also provide:

  • a copy of the most recent business rate demand for the business address
  • the vehicle registration document or lease agreement.

For permits in transferable zones

You can upload a list of all registrations and vehicle details to the application form. Or, you can type the details directly into the comments box at the end of the form.

Apply for a business parking permit

Renew a business parking permit

Complete this form to renew your parking permit. You will need to provide your current permit number and tell us if anything has changed, such as the number of employees or the vehicle. 

Renew a business parking permit

Replace a business parking permit

If you change the vehicle or move business premises, you will need to fill in a replacement form. There is a £25 fee to make changes to the permit.

Cut your old permit in half, and upload a photo of your destroyed permit to the replacement form. We will not process your request until we have this evidence.

Replace a business parking permit