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Moving traffic offences

Moving traffic offences and the councils plans and process to introduce new locations

The council now has the powers to enforce 'moving traffic offences' following a decision by Cabinet to apply and the subsequent successfully application to central government.

The council is looking only to enforce existing traffic restrictions, not implement new ones.  Prior to a decision to enforce by camera a technical consultation to check enforcement is appropriate will be undertaken.

What are moving traffic offences?

Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act (2004) allows Local Authorities outside of London to enforce against specific moving traffic offences.  The Government gave councils the option to apply to enforce against ‘moving traffic offences’ using these powers for the first time in 2022 with Oxfordshire County Council being in the first tranche of applicants. 

Prior to receiving the powers these rules were only enforceable by the police under criminal law. These powers will enable the council to expand the work it already does enforcing against unlawful and dangerous parking, and misuse of bus lanes. The council’s Parking Services Team alongside their delivery partner, Conduent, will be carrying out this enforcement work, as part of their current duties.

Examples of the types of restrictions enforceable through the part 6 powers can be found below.

  • driving through a 'No Entry' sign
  • turning left or right when instructed not to do so (making banned turns)
  • entering yellow box junctions when the exit is not clear
  • driving where and when motor vehicles are prohibited
  • driving on routes that are for buses and taxis only

The moving traffic offence programme

To ensure that Oxfordshire’s roads remain as safe and accessible as possible Oxfordshire County Council will be implementing measures to install cameras on Oxfordshire’s roads where known violations are occurring.

To deliver schemes the council has an approved budget up until 2030/31. Details of the budget can be found below.







Up to 2031/32 


Capital Investment








The future programme is being developed in line with the prioritisation and selection criteria agreed at January Cabinet.  

Site eligibility criteria

Locations should be:

  1. Identified as being subject of regular contravention of the Traffic Regulation Order as determined by advice from Thames Valley Police or on-site observations; and
  2. Unable to practically, and at reasonable cost, make physical changes to make the order self-enforcing (avoiding the need for part 6 camera enforcement); and 
  3. Support the overall ambitions within the Local Transport & Connectivity Plan, Network Management Plan and developing Area Strategies; and/or
  4. Be adjacent or close to a bus route; and/or.
  5. Have recorded evidence of accidents, or ancillary information relating to accidents of near misses; and/or
  6. Support the success of wider initiatives being implemented such as, but not limited to, Schools Streets, Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, Bus Journey Time Improvement.

The commitments to date are:

  1. The rising bollard site located in Oriel Square, Oxford
  2. The rising bollard site located on Cornmarket Street, Oxford
  3. The rising bollard site located on Turl Street, Oxford
  4. The rising bollard site located on Broad Street, Oxford
  5. The junction of Turl Street and High Street, Oxford
  6. The banned U-turn at Barton Park on A40
  7. The junction of Holywell Street and Longwall Street, Oxford
  8. New College Lane/ Queens Lane, Oxford
  9. The pedestrianised area of Gloucester Street, Oxford
  10. Yellow box junctions located on the Botley Interchange
  11. Yellow box junctions located on the Hinksey Hill Interchange

All sites were supported by members of the public. Tranche one is expected to be delivered between April 2023 and March 2024.

A second tranche of schemes i.e. school streets, were consulted on in July/ August 2022. A list of the sites can be found below.

1.  St Ebbes Primary School, Whitehouse Road, Oxford, OX1 4NA
2. St Nicholas Primary School, Boxhill Walk, Abingdon, OX14 1HB
3. Larkrise Primary School, Boundary Brook Road, Oxford, OX4 4AN
4. Windmill Primary School, Margaret Road, Oxford, OX3 8NG

The council is looking to expand the number of sites it enforces and will be consulting on future tranches in due course. The council is looking to deliver a second tranche of schemes in 2024/25 and a third tranche in 2025/26.

Get involved

Oxfordshire County Council is keen to hear from you if you are aware of any sites where you feel camera enforcement may be helpful in ensuring the safety of the travelling public. Please contact us to get in touch with the team who will assess your proposals and take them forward where appropriate.