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Information about subsidised buses

Subsidised buses

In November 2015, we made the decision to withdraw bus subsidies to 118 bus routes in Oxfordshire.  Subsidies ended on 20 July 2016.

Any discontinuation of services or amendments made to timetables of previously subsidised bus services have now been made by their operators. You can find updated timetables for these services, together with contact details, on the bus operators’ websites as listed below.

External links to bus operators

The following operators have more information about service changes on their websites:

Community transport

There are more than 60 local schemes in Oxfordshire with 1,300 volunteers providing 25,000 journeys each year. They provide safe, accessible, cost-effective, flexible transport for people who need support

There is more information about community transport schemes in your area.

Pilot scheme to support residents without suitable access to transport

The Oxfordshire Comet uses our 16-seater minibus fleet during off-peak times to offer journeys to any Oxfordshire resident without suitable access to transport.

The pilot provides a flexible and affordable service for Oxfordshire residents to use (individuals of all ages, groups, schools, parish councils, etc.) and we are able to run both one-off journeys and regular, scheduled routes. 

Read more information on this service on our bookable transport page.  

Lift sharing

There is a county-wide lift share scheme which offers a matching service for people who live, work and travel in and around Oxfordshire. The site matches people up with potential partners as either a driver or a passenger. Once matched, people can choose to lift share as little or as often as they like.

More information

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