Apply for a zero emission zone discount

Discounts are available, including for Blue Badge holders, residents and businesses in the zone.

Private hire vehicles and Hackney carriages discount

A 50 per cent discount will apply for:

  • petrol-electric hybrid private hire vehicle (PHVs)
  • petrol-electric hybrid Hackney carriages licensed outside Oxford.

Eligible vehicles must emit either:

  • less than 100 g/km CO2 if the date of first registration is before 1 September 2018
  • less than 140 g/km CO2 if the date of first registration is on or after 1 September 2018.  

How to apply

Complete the online discount application form if you are eligible for this discount.

What you need to provide

You must provide a copy of your current operating licence plate.

We will use your vehicle registration number to check your vehicle is eligible for the discount.

If the DVLA does not hold the information for your vehicle, you will need to provide your vehicle registration document (V5C) to prove your vehicle’s:

  • fuel type
  • first registration date
  • emissions.

The quickest way of providing this information is to upload it when making your application. For example, you can upload a document from your computer or take a photo with your phone or tablet.

If you are unable to upload your documents to the completed application form, you can take them to the library.

This discount will end on 31 July 2025.