Graphic of cyclist, pedestrian, bus and traffic light.

Headington and Quarry low traffic neighbourhood schemes

What are low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs)?

An LTN is an area where motorised traffic is prevented from taking shortcuts through a residential area by means of traffic filters. This creates quieter and safer streets where residents may feel safer and more comfortable when making local journeys by bus, by cycle or on foot.

What is proposed

Three low-traffic neighbourhoods are proposed in the Headington and Quarry areas which include New Headington, Old Headington, and Quarry areas to reduce traffic movement in residential streets and encourage more sustainable methods of travel including walking and cycling easier.

Some local engagement has been undertaken which has been fed back but full engagement and consultation on options have not yet been undertaken.

Unfortunately, the development of proposals has been delayed and a decision reached to incorporate the scheme into the wider transport strategy. 

Details on the proposals will be added to the website as option development progresses.