Reserving library items

How to reserve a book or audio-visual item at our libraries.

You can also:

  • place a request for an item we have in stock in any Oxfordshire library. A maximum of 20 items may be reserved.

Requesting an inter-library loan

To request an inter-library loan you need to complete an online request form  and pay a reservation charge.

We will attempt to borrow the item from another library service. If we are unable to obtain your item from another authority and need to borrow it from the British Library a surcharge will apply: please see  charges and fines for details. When making your request please tell us if you would be willing to pay the additional cost for an item only available from the British Library - if you are not willing, we will not borrow the item.

The standard supply time is approximately 4 to 6 weeks but this may vary. In some cases we may attempt to purchase our own copy of the item rather than place an inter-library loan request: in this case the supply time may vary.