Readers' tickets for viewing unique material

How to get a readers’ ticket to view materials from our strongrooms.

You will need a readers’ ticket in order to view material from our strongrooms - that is, original, unique documents.

Your request slip for these items is clipped to your readers’ ticket to ensure we know who has what material in the searchroom.

How to get a readers' ticket

In common with more than half the record offices in England and Wales, the History Centre uses the County Archive Research Network (CARN) readers’ ticket system. A CARN ticket can be used in any participating office.

To obtain a ticket, you will need to bring with you:

  • a means of identification which includes your name, current address, and signature (such as a driving licence, or a bank statement plus credit / debit card)
  • two passport-size photographs.

The ticket will then be made out for you on the spot. There is no charge.