Community action groups

Details on taking part in, or setting up, a community action group in Oxfordshire.

The Community Action Group (CAG) Project consists of over 60 groups across Oxfordshire, at the forefront of community led climate change action, organising events and projects to take action on issues including waste, transport, food, energy, biodiversity and social justice.

Started in 2001, the network is the largest of its kind in the UK, running over 3000 events per year, attended by over 100,000 local residents and contributing over 31,000 volunteer hours to the county.

The CAG Project team provide free day-to-day support to the network members including:

  • advice, expertise and mentoring to set up and maintain groups and develop projects, events and activities
  • support to source insurance cover for network activities
  • access to CAG funding for special projects
  • help sourcing external funds for larger projects
  • press, media and communications
  • training, events and skill sharing
  • signposting to other organisations and bodies for advice and partnership building
  • working with local and national government
  • access to a large bank of materials and resources

The project is funded by Oxfordshire County Council.
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