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Toddler groups

Opportunities for parents, carers and children to meet together to play and share experiences.

Toddler groups provide an opportunity for parents/carers and their young children to spend time together in the company of others. Children are offered activities, and parents/carers may find these groups an opportunity to meet other people in their local area. Groups usually last 1 - 3 hours and are normally held during the school day. Many groups do not meet during the school holidays.

Toddler groups are often held in community centres or church halls. Frequently they are organised by parents or carers who attend the group and don't always have a phone. Therefore, it is best to drop in during their opening hours.

They do not have to be registered, as parents/carers must stay with their children. There may be a small charge (around £1).

Find a toddler group

The Family Services Directory lists parent and baby/toddler groups that you can search by postcode. Also Children and family centres offer a variety of drop in sessions for parents and children.