Forthcoming events and meeting dates

Training, events and support meetings for foster carers.

Dates for your calendar

See our events calendar for training and meeting events

As part of the comprehensive support package offered to all approved foster carers, you are invited to attend training events and support meetings where you will gain new skills and peer support.

All courses and bookings will be made via the Learning Zone.  All foster carers are required to register as an external learner before booking a course.

Foster carers supporting foster carers

Carer coordinators are foster carers with years of valuable experience and are employed by our Fostering Team to support carers and the department.

Carer coordinators support fellow foster carers and support future changes and improvements to the service provided by foster carers. They also assist in recruitment of new carers and supporting them in their challenging and rewarding roles as carers for vulnerable children and young people in Oxfordshire.

The role of the carer coordinator

  • coordinate and run foster care/friends and family support groups
  • arrange foster carers social evenings
  • support carers with Induction Standards, allegation procedures and meetings
  • be a conduit between carers and the department
  • visit prospective carers and support them through the process, induction meetings and deliver welcome packs
  • deliver training along with social workers
  • support carers who are on hold or are waiting for their first placement

Becoming a carer coordinator

We are hoping to recruit more carer coordinators. This is an interesting and rewarding way to extend your knowledge, help and support other carers like you and help bring about positive changes. To find out more or arrange to have a chat with a carer coordinator in your area .