Training for foster carers

Training available when you become a foster carer.

Training is an important part of your support and is provided before approval and throughout your fostering career. 

We provide a comprehensive training package for all our carers to deal with the demands and complexities of fostering.

Before you are approved

Prior to your approval as a foster carer you must attend the preparation training.  This is either 2 full days or 4 evenings.  The course content includes:

  • Information on the skills and abilities needed to foster
  • Reflection on your values/attitudes
  • Reflects on the impact on family

After you are approved

In the 12 months following approval, carers complete 'post approval training'. This will include:   

  • the Induction Standards, promoted by the Children's Workforce Development Council (CWDC), which introduces carers to a wide range of fostering-related issues and practice. These can be completed through workbooks, online or by attending a drop-in day.
  • induction days for all newly approved carers. The event runs for one morning and involves workshops and stands giving you the chance to meet lots of people who are connected to fostering.

We also recommend that you attend our 12-week Fostering Toolkit programme. The weekly sessions last 2 hours.

This programme offers Carers the opportunity to explore techniques and strategies for reinforcing positive behaviour, increasing cooperation and, very importantly, taking care of their own well-being.

On-going training

In addition to your post approval training there is a requirement that you attend three training courses each year, these courses are either:

  • safe caring
  • first aid
  • manual handling (for carers dealing with disabled children).

You will also be invited to attend other training courses throughout the year and we strongly recommend that you get involved.  Training gives you the opportunity to broaden your skills and provides the opportunity to meet other foster carers.

Other fostering-related courses cover subjects such as:

  • allegations
  • child protection
  • working in partnership
  • managing challenging behaviour
  • record keeping for foster carers
  • managing contact
  • moving children on to adoption.


Full course details can be found via the Learning Zone where you will be able to find more information and book yourself a place.

All foster carers are required to register as an external learner before booking a course.

Check out the events calendar for details of the training courses that are currently available.

Other training opportunities:

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