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Confidence, creativity, time

Share more than just your home, foster a child in Oxfordshire.

The basics

These are a few of the ways we’ll reward you for the stability you’ll provide. Stability that keeps a child in Oxfordshire to continue their education, maintain important friendships, and strengthen family relationships.

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    We knew by fostering with the council we would be helping a child local to the Oxfordshire area.

As a foster carer in Oxfordshire you’ll have access to:

  • a team to support you along your foster care journey
  • local training courses
  • regular, local support groups and a local fostering network
  • leisure centre discounts
  • access to Oxford United match tickets and other football events
  • discounts to many attractions across the country
  • trips and events organised by the Oxfordshire Foster Care Association (OFCA)
  • Fostering Network membership fees which provides further discounted days out and holidays.
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Why foster with us?

There’s so much to love about being a foster carer in Oxfordshire, but by choosing to be a foster carer with us, you’ll also have:

  1. the best access to professionals responsible for children in care in your area
  2. increased pay packages for foster carers through a skills-related scheme
  3. support in pairing you with support groups and specialised training
  4. excellent, local training and 24/7 dedicated support, including our pioneering Mockingbird Family Model support network and mentoring scheme.

Don’t feel you fit the mould of a “traditional” foster carer? No worries.

If you can provide a safe, supportive, stable home in Oxfordshire for a child unable to live with their birth family you’re a perfect fit.

100% local, 100% not for profit

We are focussed on care that keeps children and young people in Oxfordshire, near to their birth families, friends and schools. Something that other fostering agencies can’t always guarantee.

Hear what our foster carers think

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    I wanted to work with the council, as I knew the backup would be there, with training and quality staff, and I would be able to access support easily.

What you need

  • A welcoming and accepting home.
  • The time and energy to invest in a child.
  • Flexibility and understanding.
  • Emotional strength and determination.
  • A spare room unless you are offering to care for a child under two years of age, in which case they may be able to share with you.

We won’t lie; sometimes, it will be hard.

It takes heart and patience to support the child in your care through good times and tough times.

But nothing worth doing is ever easy.

And we will be there to help you through as you change a child’s life for the better.

Still feel unsure? Talk to one of our team.

Fill in an initial enquiry form if you are ready to find out more.

Financial support

As an Oxfordshire County Council foster carer you will be paid:

  • allowances
  • expenses
  • skills payments (when applicable).

Payments are based on additional skills, experience and training, and the type of fostering you choose. You can receive up to £30,576 a year for caring for an 11 year old child on our therapeutic fostering programme.

For the vast amount of foster carers, these payments are tax-free.

Where possible, we don’t want to leave you out of pocket.

As well as weekly payments, you’d be entitled to financial support for:

  • special occasion, birthday and holiday allowances
  • essential equipment
  • emergency clothing
  • mileage and travel expenses.

More detailed information on allowances please see our Oxfordshire County Council Foster Care Allowances Guide book (pdf format, 1Mb).

Find out more about becoming a foster carer