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Children and Young People's Plan 2018 - 2023

Changing the way services for children and young people are delivered.

We want Oxfordshire to be a great place to grow up and for children and young people to have the opportunity to become everything they want to be.

The Children and Young People’s Plan 2018 - 2023 (pdf format, 709Kb) sets the strategic direction and priorities for services for children, young people and families in Oxfordshire and is a vital part of making this happen.

Experience shows that when organisations work together to deliver services we make a real difference to the lives of children, young people and their families.

Children's Trust Board

It is crucial in times of limited budgets and increasing demands on services that the Children’s Trust Board continues to enable and encourage partnership working.

Together we can better meet the challenges we face and tackle the priority areas we have identified for this first year – children missing out on education, social and emotional well-being and mental health, and children affected by domestic abuse.

How the plan was developed

The plan has been developed through discussion with our partners including asking children and young people what is important to them.

We were pleased and encouraged by the strong engagement from our partners in the public sector, voluntary sector and children and young people through the Children in Care Council and Voice of Oxfordshire’s Youth.  

We have developed a more streamlined document than previously, including a poster capturing the main elements. This can be displayed easily.

We want to ensure that all children and young people are successful, healthy, safe and supported. Our responsibility as a trust is to play our part in ensuring the actions included in the plan are delivered, performance is monitored and solutions are found.

We look forward to making this plan a reality.

Supporting documents