Care champion gives everyone the chance to help improve health and social care services.

Healthwatch Oxfordshire is a powerful independent ‘consumer champion’ for people and patients of all ages who wish to raise concerns about their local health and social care services.

The organisation works to help people get the best out of services, whether improving them today or helping to shape them for tomorrow.

Healthwatch Oxfordshire hears what children, young people and adults have to say about health and social care services, whether that is praise, criticism or ideas for improvement. Healthwatch strengthen the collective voice of patients and the public, so that service providers and commissioners listen to what they have to say. Healthwatch then holds them to account on how they use the information provided to shape, inform and influence service delivery and design.

Healthwatch is independent, and accountable to the people of Oxfordshire.

Healthwatch England

Healthwatch Oxfordshire will also report findings to Healthwatch England, which is the new national body established to collate findings across Healthwatch organisations and influence policy and legislation at national levels.

What Healthwatch Oxfordshire (HWO) does

  • Gathers views and experiences of patients and the public to identify the need for change or additional services
  • Makes people’s views known to health and social care commissioners, the Health and Wellbeing Board and to Healthwatch England
  • Makes reports and recommendations about how services could or should be improved.
  • Involves local people in the commissioning and provision of local care services and how they are scrutinised
  • Has a say in new or proposed services, policies and strategies
  • Works with health and social care inspectors
  • Acts as 'critical friend' to commissioners and providers of services
  • Recommends investigation or special review of services using monitoring techniques
  • Provides information about services
  • Supports people who have complaints about NHS services

Who we are and contact details

Our website has details of our team and also how you can contact us.