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Year-end requirements

Summary of the timetable and details the Fund needs at the end of the scheme year from each employer

End of year- 31 March 

Ensure you have resources to submit correct and reconciled information and to deal with any ensuing queries.

Early March

Employer receives end of year spreadsheet, guidance notes and checklist from Pension Services. 

Quick check

Make sure the total employee contributions for the year equal the total value you have paid over to the fund during the year. We will send back any return that does not balance.

Vetting checklist

Responding to employer requests - we will send you a checklist. Use this before you submit your return.

Submit your checked reconciled return as soon as possible.

30 April

All end of year work to be completed. Any questions between Pension Services and employers about the information supplied must be completed by now.    

31 August

Last date for issuing member benefit statements based on the year end details from employers.

End of Year (EOY)

The Spreadsheet

The first section has a column by column instruction guide to the main ‘EOY return’ on the second tab.  There are examples on the third tab.  

EOY Vetting Checklist

Double check your return and spot the anomalies before you submit

Help and examples

Final salary pay – pensionable pay defined and practical examples to demonstrate variations.     

Background and further contacts 

Although the LGPS is now a career average revalued (CARE) scheme, we have many members who keep their links to the final salary scheme.

These members do not build up any more ‘service’ or ‘membership’ after 31 March 2014, but they still need to have current ‘pay’ details from employers to provide their annual benefit statements.  The final salary pay link is still alive and must be reported at year end.

This is why we need to know ‘final salary pay’ based on definitions of pensionable pay in the previous LGPS regulations for each employment  (see column N on the spreadsheet return above )  

Any questions you have about this process send to noting 'year end' in the subject field.

Last reviewed
22 September 2017
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