Slade Park fire station

Slade Park fire station

General information, map, postal address and quarterly performance update.

Area City
Full time 24 hour crewed
On Call Part time
Drill night Tuesday
Station Manager Guy Dunkley
On Call officer in charge Will McPhaill
Appliance Two rescue engines /Incident Response Unit

Slade Park fire cadets

The cadet unit at Slade fire station has been running since 2004 and meets on a Monday evening between 18:30pm and 20:30pm term time only.

Slade fire cadets train regularly with items of equipment such as ladders, hose and take on tasks such as building improvised dams that can be used on the fire ground.

In addition to the Slade fire cadet training nights, they also hold fundraising events with proceeds helping the Slade unit and local charities, as well as The Fire Fighters Charity.

Along with other Oxfordshire fire cadet units they get the opportunity to attend local and national summer camps.

Find out more on the website

Wood Farm Primary School visit Slade Park fire station

On Wednesday 14 January two groups of children from Wood Farm Primary School visited Green Watch at The Slade Park fire station. 

The children aged five and six years old had been learning about the great fire of London and were interested to see how fire fighting and the equipment involved has progressed through the years.

The pupils and teachers were introduced to lots of different types of equipment such as a 1930’s stirrup pump still used today and modern equipment such as chemical protection suits, equipment used for water rescues and the latest hydraulic cutting equipment used at road traffic collisions.

The fire fighters put on a breathing apparatus demonstration and showed the young people how they carry out search and rescue techniques at house fires and how they use modern thermal imaging cameras to speed up rescues.

The visit ended with the young people and teachers asking lots of really good questions about being a fire fighter, the equipment they were shown and  the importance of having working a smoke alarms at home.

Students & Teachers from Wood Farm Primary School with Green Watch

FF Jason Clifford said “the visit was a great success with lots of interaction between the fire fighters & the children and hopefully we have helped assist the teachers to deliver their school project.”

The children each got to take home a Drago the dragon fire safety book and letter inviting the families to visit the website and complete our online home fire safety check.


Thank you for your support

Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated waste clothes and textiles via the collection banks at our stations.

Fire fighters charity clothing bank

The Fire Fighters Charity runs a successful recycling scheme which provides a valuable source of revenue.

The Firefighters Charity logo

Two on call firefighters

Would you like to join the team?

If you live or work close to a station and are interested, or would just like to find out more, please come along to your local station, without obligation, on the evening of their drill night.

Find out more about being a firefighter.

Station update - January 2015

Slade Park Fire Station crews have been busy during over the previous 12 months and in total responded to 1116 incidents in 2014.

The crews from Slade Park have in the last few weeks been busy attending a number of diverse calls including:

Road traffic collisions in the area
FPOS Incidents
Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Property fires
Car fires
People stuck in lifts

Revalidation of FPOS qualification

Slade Park crews have in December attended a series of revalidation courses for their First Person On Scene (FPOS) qualification run by South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) which enables them to use vital lifesaving skills whilst at incidents and dealing with members of the public.

Refresher training for mass decontamination incidents

December also saw Slade Park crews assisting with refresher training for all the support crews which assist Slade Park crews at Chemical, Biological, Radiation Nuclear explosion (CBRNe) incidents, where mass decontamination of large numbers of the general public is set up and used. All Slade Park crews are trained in the use of mass decontamination utilising the Incident Response Unit based at the station.

Slade Park Crews assist with Anti Drink Drive Campaign

On 15 December at Sainsbury’s, Heyford Hill, members of White Watch from Slade Park fire station worked with partners from the Road Safety Team and Public Health to provide information to members of the public on the dangers of drink driving, with particular focus on the morning after a night out.

Slade Park crew and Road Safety Team Anti Drink Drive campaign at Local Supermarket

They set up a stand, engaged people in discussion and distributed leaflets and measuring cups to help them realise how much they were drinking and how long the alcohol will remain in their system making them unsafe and illegal to drive. This information surprised many members of the public who took the leaflets to give to members of their family.

Visitors to the Slade Park fire station

On Christmas Day Red Watch at Slade Park fire station received a visit from an Italian Firefighter, CQE Accordi Flavio Marco and his wife and daughter. CQE Accordi Flavio Marco, who is the equivalent of a Wholetime Watch Manager in Verbania Northern Italy, was visiting family over Christmas and visited Red Watch to have a chat with the on duty crew, a look around the fire station, discuss similarities and differences between countries and exchange some badges and memorabilia with the crews to cement a new international relationship. 

Fire fighter Nik Brown with CQE Accordi Flavio MarcoFire fighter Nik Brown with CQE Accordi Flavio Marco.

The Red Watch gave a comprehensive tour and, despite language barriers (his daughter acted as interpreter) CQE Accordi Flavio Marco commented on the warm reception that he received during his visit.

Fire fighter Nik Brown said “the visit was well received and it was interesting to see how many similarities there are between different Fire & Rescue Services around the world”. 


Slade Park fire station
Horspath Driftway
OX3 7JG Headington

It’s a new year so how about a few new routines

Crews from the Slade Park Fire Station say “Smoke alarms are the simplest way to alert everyone in the house to the danger of fire. So in the New Year get a smoke alarm, fit it and test it weekly”.

“Are you a Test it Tuesday champion”?

If not get into the routine of pushing the button to check your smoke alarm works, every Tuesday. You could also help make family, friends and neighbours safer by encouraging them to test theirs as well.

“Need a test your smoke alarm reminder”?

Follow @OxonFireRescue or like our Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (Official) Facebook page to receive a weekly reminder.

Or download and print a test your smoke alarm tracker.

Complete an online Home Fire Risk Check, by being aware of the risks and making a few simple checks you can ensure that you and your loved ones are safe. 

Finally we recommend you make a fire escape plan, as it can be difficult to think in an emergency. Having and practicing an escape plan will help you and your family act quickly.

Take a look at our other suggestions on how you could make you and your family safer in 2015 please visit our website at

How have our prevention activities helped to reduce fires in the Slade area?

There were 58 property fires, we didn’t want any more than 99.

There were 23 fires in people’s homes, we didn’t want any more than 45. All of these homes had smoke alarms working.

Fortunately, nobody has died as a result of a fire in their home.

Countywide performance April to December 2014

What have we done to help prevent fires?

1,394 fire risk checks have been carried out in people’s homes. 89% of these checks were carried out for vulnerable people

1,170 smoke alarms were installed in people’s homes

There have been 23 successful fire setter intervention cases

A safer place to live

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is committed to making Oxfordshire a safer place to live, work and visit.

Our 365alive website is full of great advice and safety tips.


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