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Henley fire station

Henley fire station

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Area South Vale
On Call Part time
Drill night Wednesday
Station Manager Marcus Reay
On Call officer in charge Paul Herrington
Retained station support officer Nick Windsor
Appliance One rescue engine


Thank you for your support

Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated waste clothes and textiles via the collection banks at our stations.

Fire fighters charity clothing bank

The Fire Fighters Charity runs a successful recycling scheme which provides a valuable source of revenue.

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A firefighter

Would you like to join the team?

You could receive over £7000 worth of free training that will prepare you to protect and save lives in your community. 

If you are interested please look at the recruitment website www.oncallfirefighter.co.uk or call into your local station on drill night.

Station Update - July 2016

On Tuesday 5 July June at midday we were called to a fire in some storage buildings at the rear of the Cau restaurant in Henley.

Firefighters from Henley Fire Station worked alongside their Thames Valley Colleagues in extremely arduous conditions with temperatures recorded over 1300O centigrade at ceiling height. Wearing Breathing Apparatus and equipped with thermal imaging cameras and high pressure water jets firefighters fought through the intense heat to attack the fire and prevent it from spreading to adjacent buildings.

Incident Commander, Station Manager Marcus Reay said: “Fortunately our speed and weight of response meant we were able to attack the fire without delay and prevent it from spreading to adjacent buildings.  The manner in which fire crews from across the Thames Valley worked in partnership is testament to our joint procedures and training, and I am glad to report that despite the very hot conditions at this fire, no injuries were sustained.

The fire is believed to have started or next to the bins before spreading to the buildings – however the fire was not treated as suspicious.

Fire crews now Co-Responding

FIREFIGHTERS in Henley are to respond to medical emergencies as well as fire-related incidents.

The crew based at the West Street fire station has been trained to be “co-responders” under a new initiative by South Central Ambulance Service.

They have been given additional first aid training and equipped with a car fitted with sirens and blue lights containing a defibrillator, oxygen, pain relief drugs and equipment for controlling haemorrhages. Ambulance crews will still be dispatched to 999 calls but the co-responders can reach an incident sooner and provide life support until the paramedics arrive.

The ambulance service says a fast response is vital with life-threatening incidents such as heart attacks, where a patient’s odds of survival are drastically reduced with every second they go untreated.

The firefighters will work alongside Henley’s community first responders, a group of volunteers who have been trained to provide a similar intervention.

Henley crew manager Alastair Letchford said: “It doesn’t affect fire cover as that will always remain the top priority.

Update on fire fighter recruitment campaign

Henley fire station has been recruiting more On Call Retained fire fighters over the past few year to further improve the fire cover the station provides.

The station in West Street, is staffed entirely by On Call Retained fire fighters who have main jobs during the day but are on call and can be summoned to attend emergencies both during the day if they work in the local area or night-time if they live nearby. There are currently 11 crew members at the station however Station Manager Marcus Reay said “ as a station we are aiming for between 15-17 firefighters “

In the last three years 6 new fire fighters have joined the team and however 3 of these have moved out off Henley or their circumstances have changed so they are no longer able to provide cover.

Crews will continue to visit the businesses in the local area  to see if workers are interested in becoming a fire fighter.

To find out more about becoming a On Call fire fighter at Henley fire stationtelephone Nick Windsor on 07775 827256.


Henley fire station
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