Abingdon fire station

Abingdon fire station

Safety information, map, postal address and quarterly performance update.

Area South Area
Full time Day crewed
On Call Part time
Drill night Tuesday
Station Manager Jim Davies
Wholetime officers in charge Kevin Kerry and Lee Swain
On Call Watch Manager Dean Hazell
Appliance Two rescue engines

Two fire fighters removing a ladder from an appliance.

Would you like to join the team?

If you live or work close to a station and are interested, or would just like to find out more, please come along to your local station, without obligation, on the evening of their drill night.

Find out more about being an On Call firefighter.

Anyone interesting in joining the on-call system at Abingdon Fire Station, please contact Watch Manager Dean Hazell on 07970 659808 for more details.


Thank you for your support

Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated waste clothes and textiles via the collection banks at our stations.

Fire fighters charity clothing bank

The Fire Fighters Charity runs a successful recycling scheme which provides a valuable source of revenue.

The Firefighters Charity logo


On Call vacancies

Bampton is looking for potential On Call firefighters to cover days and weekends.

Station update

January has been a very busy start to 2015 for the watches at Abingdon Fire Station. You are probably aware of the large fires we attended in Crowmarsh Gifford and Roke - they attracted a huge amount of national media interest. The incidents were extremely challenging for our crews and kept staff at all levels of Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service busy for many days after the media interest had subsided.

In addition, we have attended some very serious traffic collisions on our roads. It is that time of year when we must all adapt to driving in cold, dark, wet and sometimes frosty conditions.

Winter driving

A road surrounded by snow covered trees.

Winter driving can be more stressful on cars and drivers a like, with heavy rain, snow and ice making each journey more difficult and potentially dangerous to you and other road users.

Make sure you are prepared for winter and keep an ice scraper, de-icer, torch, first aid kit, hazard warning triangle in your vehicle and in really bad weather a blanket, shovel and wellington boots.

Completely clear all your windows and mirrors of ice and make sure all of your windows are demisted and not just a small area.

Please take extra care on the roads during the winter months, particularly when it is icy after it has rained and take a look at top tips on how you can help prevent crashes from happening during the winter months.

Choices and Consequences

Blue Watch continued our Road Safety Education programme with a visit to Fitzharry's School to deliver the hard hitting Choices and Consequences presentation.

The presentation is aimed at prospective and inexperinced drivers and motorcyclists in an attempt to influence their behaviours when they are road users.

For more information on this, or any other road safety initiative, please contact Abingdon Fire Station or telephone our Risk Reduction hotline on 08000 325999.

Complete a home fire risk check

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is encouraging residents to make sure they are fully aware of the fire hazards which commonly exist throughout the home, how to identify them and what to do should a fire occur, by completing a quick online home fire risk check.




Abingdon fire station
Ock Street
OX14 5DH
United Kingdom

Take care whilst in the kitchen

A person stiring a pan on a stove.

More than 50% of accidental fires at home are started by cooking. Hazards including naked flames and people becoming distracted all contributing to making the room the least safe in the home.

Top tips:

•  don’t get distracted when you are cooking - turn off or turn down the heat if you have to leave the cooking unattended, for example to take a phone call or answer the door

•  clean your oven, hob and toaster on a regular basis – a build-up of fat, crumbs or grease can easily catch fire

•  remember to check that the oven or hob are switched off after you have finished cooking

•  take extra care when deep-fat frying or cooking with oil – hot oil can catch fire easily – use a thermostat controlled deep-fat fryer which will make sure the fat doesn’t get too hot

How have our prevention activities helped to reduce fires in the Abingdon area?

There were 26 property fires, we didn’t want any more than 46.

There were eight fires in a people’s home, we didn’t want any more than 19. Half of these homes had smoke alarms working.

Fortunately, nobody has died as a result of a fire in their home.

Countywide performance April to December 2014

What have we done to help prevent fires?

1,394 fire risk checks have been carried out in people’s homes. 89% of these checks were carried out for vulnerable people

1,170 smoke alarms were installed in people’s homes

There have been 23 successful fire setter intervention cases

A safer place to live

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service is committed to making Oxfordshire a safer place to live, work and visit.

Our 365alive website is full of great advice and safety tips.

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