Be safe at winter time

A brief guide to winter safety

Enjoy winter in Oxfordshire knowing that you, your family and friends are safe.

At home

There is nothing like getting warm around an open fire on a chilly day and using candles, nightlights and tea lights to create a relaxing ambience.  

Don’t forget your chimney should be swept at least once a year, ideally before you light your first fire. Don’t let the sparks fly - make sure embers are under control and candles are put out properly before you go out or to bed. Use a British Standard fire guard to prevent sparks escaping from your hearth.

Did you know our Fire & Rescue Service can come to your home and  to see what they can do to make you safer. As well as fitting free smoke alarms and offering home safety advice, we’ll also have a chat with you around improving your health and wellbeing. Why not book a safe and well visit for yourself or refer someone?

Find out other ways to stay safe in your home – read our home safety pages.


Our Trading Standards Team have a few seasonal tips to help you with Christmas shopping:

  • Don't buy fake goods - they could be unsafe and there is no system in place if they go wrong. Report faulty or counterfeit goods through Citizens Advice.
  • Scams come in many forms. Don't fall prey to scammers, be scam aware
  • Know your rights when buying Christmas presents in store and online, and follow these steps to staying safe while shopping online.
  • Make a budget for your Christmas spend and stick to it. If you experience debt problems, seek free impartial advice from your local Citizens Advice Bureau. Never borrow from a loan shark and be cautious about seeking loans online.

Stay up to date your way

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We hope this campaign will help you prepare for, but most of all, enjoy winter in Oxfordshire.