Be prepared for winter weather

Are you prepared for severe weather conditions?

Make sure you are ready for any snow, blizzards, fog, ice, frost, freezing, rain or hail. They can all cause disruptions to our daily lives. Although we cannot change the weather, we can be prepared for winter related emergencies inside the home or while you are out and about. Follow our tips for a safer winter.

Are you prepared for an emergency?

Our 'Are you ready?' booklet tests if you are ready and gives you advice on how to prepare for a crisis. The Oxfordshire Flood Toolkit allows you to check whether your home is at risk of flooding, and provides information about how to protect your property and family, and what to do in a flood.

The Preparing for Emergencies web pages on GOV.UK also contain useful information on how you can prepare for the impacts of all emergencies.

On the road

Before stepping into your car, check whether your route has been cleared of ice and snow and that the roads have been salted on our winter maintenance pages.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue have lots of advice on how to make your journey easier during bad weather. Remember the four steps to an easier and safer winter journey:

  • Be informed - check traffic and weather updates
  • Be prepared - check your vehicle is ready for winter and always carry your emergency kit
  • Be aware - in severe weather Highways Agency winter teams need the time and space to do their job
  • Be wise - conditions may change, drive with care

Keep an eye on the weather

The Met Office runs a National Severe Weather Warning Service which includes winter weather. This colour coded system includes the following advice:

  • Yellow - Be aware, remain alert and ensure you access the latest weather forecast
  • Orange - Be prepared, remain vigilant and ensure you access the latest weather forecast. Take precautions where possible.
  • Red - Take action, remain extra vigilant and ensure you access the latest weather forecast. follow orders and any advice given by authorities under all circumstances and be prepared for extra ordinary measures.

For the latest weather forecast see the Met Office website which also contains more advice on weather warnings for snow and ice.

Stay up to date your way

For regular live updates on winter in Oxfordshire:

We hope this campaign will help you prepare for, but most of all, enjoy winter in Oxfordshire.