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Park and Stride

Pilot scheme to encourage families to walk to school at a small number of schools across the county.

What is Park and Stride?

Park and Stride are routes that give families the opportunity to walk, talk and have fun on the way to and from school.

By walking from home or parking a short distance from the school, either in one of the designated parking spots or in a safe considerate place and walking part of the way.

Families follow the signs and characters to school and there are few fun games and activities on the route too.

The pilot scheme is funded by Sport England

Watch a Park and Stride route in action

We joined parents and pupils from St Joseph's Catholic Primary School in Carterton as they walked to school using their Park and Stride route, and talked to pupils and the school to find out how the Park and Stride scheme is working for them.

Why we are piloting the scheme

Park and Stride schemes aim to reduce congestion around the school gates and provide a route where children can be active, healthier, and happier.

The scheme benefits children by:

  • Making it safer around the school entrance by reducing traffic.
  • Helping to improve the air quality around the school.
  • Enjoying ‘active outdoor time’ with family or friends, which is great for our physical and mental health.
  • Giving children the opportunity for physical exercise at the start of the day which helps be alert and ready to learn.

Which schools are taking part?

Five schools are taking part in the pilot from September 2021.

  • Sandhills Primary School – Headington
  • Hanwell Fields Community School – Banbury
  • Tyndale Community School – Cowley
  • St Joseph's Catholic Primary School – Carterton

Register your school’s interest

If your school would like to be considered for a Park and Stride scheme in the future email schoolsactivetravel@oxfordshire.gov.uk to register your interest.

How the scheme will be monitored and assessed

The scheme will be evaluated using a combination of measures before and after the scheme has been installed.

We will be surveying parents and pupils to find out how they are travelling to school, what drives active travel behaviour, and to get feedback on the use of the Park and Stride routes. As well as measuring traffic volumes and pollution levels outside the schools.

Oxford Brookes University researchers are supporting our evaluation. They will be carrying out interviews and running focus groups with pupils, parents, and staff to gather a wider range of feedback in the scheme. 

The evaluation will shared with Sport England and the schools.