Assistive Technology Equipment

Stand alone assistive technology to help you maintain your independence, safety and quality of life.

There is a range of stand alone assistive technology, or simple gadgets, available to help you maintain your safety at home.

Stand alone equipment can be individual pieces of equipment that can either remind or enable you to do something, or alert a family member or carer living with you that you need help.

How you can get this equipment

If you wish to be assessed for this equipment through Oxfordshire County Council then you need to complete a form.

You can request an assessment or contact us indicating that you are interested in assistive technology.

We can provide some equipment on loan for you to try. You can also purchase equipment privately.

More information

You can also get advice about equipment from other organisations:


More information and advice

There are a range of resources available to help you take control of your own care. To find other local services near to you visit our Live Well Oxfordshire directory.