Support for developing initiatives in priority areas

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There is funding and support available to develop new initiatives in areas with a need for more community and voluntary sector run daytime support.  This is primarily in areas where there is limited alternative community and voluntary sector daytime support provision targeted at people who have lower-level needs. 

Priority mapping

The priority areas have been mapped by the Community Information Network, who have worked with people who were directly affected by the changes to daytime support across the county.  They have supported people to understand the options available to them – primarily local community and voluntary sector provided daytime support opportunities – and to decide what works for them. 

The Community Information Network has in-depth knowledge about the daytime support opportunities available in local communities across Oxfordshire, where there is remaining need from people who have recently been attending services which have now closed, and therefore which areas are a priority for support.

In the short-term, these are the three priority areas:

Area Identified priority
  • West Oxfordshire
  • North Cherwell
Daytime support opportunities for older people with mental health needs, including dementia 
  • Bicester
Voluntary and community sector daytime support opportunities

 Community development support

The Community Information Network (CIN) will be providing community development support in these priority areas.  They will work with communities to stimulate the development of a diverse and interesting offer, which will enable local older people to maintain their independence, to have opportunities to socialise and engage in enjoyable activities and to feel valued and at the same time provide respite, where appropriate, for carers.  For further information about this support, please contact:

For all other areas: please contact the Community Information Network on 01235 849434 or email  


Community and voluntary sector organisations are invited to submit their expressions of interest for initiatives in these priority areas. They will be invited to apply to the Innovation Fund 2020/21 when it opens on Monday 12 August 2019.